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Donna Storey is an inspirational author, speaker, teacher and healer.


For over 20 years she has been a guide and support to women wanting to create positive change, heal from past experiences and finally feel empowered and free to transform their lives.


She incorporates four key aspects- self awareness, therapeutic processes and life-transforming skills, personal development as well as coaching and mentoring for those that are ready to heal and grow.


Throughout her career Donna has worked in the fields of education as a teacher, small business, and psychic consultations through which she has gained a well grounded understanding of the trials, tribulations, pain and suffering experienced by people doing their best to be happy and successful.  Her main focus now is working with individuals and groups in the areas of  personal growth and development.


Donna has contributed to thousands of individuals being able to take action and make life choices that are supportive in manifesting their desired outcomes, so they experience more abundance of what it is they want.  Her  processes allow individuals to finally trust themselves to overcome issues and challenges, and thrive with confidence and feeling empowered.


Donna’s life purpose is to be a guide for those wanting change, and through a loving and heart-centred approach invites you to explore and discover a place of learning, healing and growth.


Consider this your home for the next stage in your journey.



BOOK: The Soul of Myself

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