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Welcome to a place of Transformation
If you are here then you are on the cusp of change
You are ready to heal your hurts
You are ready to transform into a new version of yourself
You are ready to grow and open up to the bigger picture of what your soul has always had planned for you
The Soul of Myself by Donna Storey



Soul Conversations offers you an opportunity to align with your Life Purpose by learning more about who you are and why you are here.  


Knowing this can help you connect to your own innate wisdom, knowledge and abilities to create the life you want.  


Don’t put up with a mundane existence. Regain power over your life to make the necessary changes you need to live your potential. You deserve to have the life you dream of and you are worth it.  


Let me guide you through a unique process to reveal what is blocking you, what needs to be healed, and to open you up to growing and evolving as you should.


As there’s no one path to healing or change, I offer a range of SERVICES for you to choose from.  

Each service has its own way of offering support and guidance for you in achieving desired results. 


To get started, book your FREE SOUL DISCOVERY SESSION and I can guide you to the service that best aligns with you and your needs. 

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Donna Storey

Wisdom Teacher & Guide for Women


Donna is passionate about people. 


She believes that you are innately good and wise, and that it is your birthright to be deserving of love, happiness, abundance and good health.

For over 20 years she has been a guide and support to women wanting to create positive change.

Throughout her career Donna has worked in education as a teacher, owned and operated small businesses and retail stores, and practised metaphysics as an Intuitive Reader, Counsellor and Energy Healer.   

From her experiences she has gained a well-grounded understanding of the trials, tribulations, pain and suffering experienced by women who are doing their best to navigate life as independent women, wives, mothers, daughters and grandmothers.

Her main focus now is working with individuals and groups in the areas of personal growth, empowerment and spiritual development. Her processes allow individuals to finally trust themselves in overcoming issues and challenges, while thriving with confidence and self-love.


Donna’s life purpose is to be a guide for those wanting change, and through a loving and heart-centered approach invites you to explore and discover a place of learning, healing and growth.

Consider this your home for the next stage in your journey.

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