Using breathing and visualisation techniques, I will help you to relax and let go of thought so you may connect with higher forms of guidance, love and wisdom.

Guided Meditations


I will be your guide on your journey to transformation.

Meditation has long been practised as a form of achieving relaxation, calm and altering your state of awareness; but recent studies are now finding that meditation is a powerful way to create positive changes in mental, emotional and physical health, and can also improve brain function. 


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How does meditation work?

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Meditation can help you with:

- Releasing stress and anxiety

- Emotional discomfort

- Mental health

- Deeper sleep

- Healing

- Relieving pain

- Personal awareness

- Mindfulness

- Connecting spiritually


Our brain produces thoughts that generally control everything we do and feel, and these thoughts are part of the programming to keep us safe, accepted, comfortable and alive - all of which are necessary for optimal living. 

The brain receives information through the 6 senses, and this creates a reaction of thoughts and feeling within the body; so, if the brain gets input of a negative nature then the responses will produce tension, stress, worry and confusion.  Positive input to the brain will produce responses of relaxation, calm, confidence and clarity, which are necessary for the optimal functioning of all bodily systems.


Meditation allows you to choose the type of data you are sending your brain, so you produce the desired results in your mind, body and spirit. 

The most powerful tool you have for sending data is YOUR IMAGINATION, and when combined with INTENT and FOCUS, meditation can be used as an aid to create whatever outcome you want to experience.

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