Accelerate your growth and learning.

It's time to take the next step on your journey of transformation.  



Develop your own psychic or spiritual gifts,  authentic skills and soul qualities.


 Workshops are for people who want to:

  • Discover the innate gifts and talents

  • Have fun developing their personal skills and abilities 

  • Make a positive contribution to their life and the lives of others

  • Enjoy connecting with like-minded souls and develop meaningful friendships 

In Person



Everyone is born with psychic and spiritual abilities. You only need to know how to access them and harness them to work for you in everyday situations. 

I've created workshops for varying levels of ability, so no matter where you are on your journey of transformation, you can take the next step. 

Everyone is Pyschic
It's time to awaken your authentic self.

Tired of living an ordinary life?

Upcoming Online Workshops

Soul Nurture Circle 26 Oct
This is an online event.
Soul Nurture Circle 2 Nov
Online Event
Soul Nurture Circle 9 Nov
Online Event
Soul Nurture Circle 16 Nov
Online Event


Soul to Self Intuitive.png

Soul to Self Intuitive

Part 1 - 3

The first step in developing your psychic abilities.

Suitable for everyone.  No prior learning or experience necessary. 

Part 1 - Oracle Card Reading

Part 2 - Psychometry & Dowsing

Part 3 - Communication, Channeling & Mediumship


Soul to Self Healing.png

Soul to Self Healing

Part 1 - 2

The first step in developing your healing abilities.

Learn how to give relief and assistance for commonly experienced issues in day to day situations. 

Part 1 - Everyday Healing

Part 2 - Emotional Healing

Soul Transformation

Timeline Soul Journey.png

Know and understand more about who you have been, who you are now, and who you will be

Learn how to:

- Understand your sources of fears and phobias, passions, knowledge and skills

- Connect with your ancestral linage and Soul family

- Understand your attraction to certain cultures or interests

+ more!

Timeline Soul Journey

Signature Mentoring Program.png

Know and understand more about who you have been, who you are now, and who you will be

Learn how to:

-  Awaken to your Divine Purpose

-  Know how to live and operate from a heart- based awareness

-  Delve into past-life experiences and other lifetimes

-  Meet and greet with your benevolent ancient ancestors 

+ much more!

Signature Soul Mentoring Program


Book a Workshop for Your Group

I have a range of workshops that can booked for groups including:

- Meditation

- Sacred Women's Circle

- Totem Animal Drawing Class

- Art Therapy