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Learn the keys to living an extraordinary life.

Awaken to your Divine Purpose.

Be supported through your ongoing journey.

Soul to Self

Signature Mentoring Program

-  Learn the keys to living an extraordinary life

-  Awaken to your Divine Purpose

-  Know how to live and operate from a heart-           based awareness

-  Experience contact with highly evolved beings      who are there to guide and protect you

-  Delve into past-life experiences and other                lifetimes

-  Meet and greet with your benevolent ancient          ancestors for guidance and healing

-  Be immersed in a soul journey of remembering      and awakening to your truths and authentic            soul identity

  • As a Participant in the Mentoring Program you will:


Donna completely opened me up to a whole new level of ability. It was exactly what I have been searching for.

This program is designed for the express purpose of fast-tracking the Spiritual development and evolution of the individual

It for those who are tired of living an ordinary life and are ready to awaken to their authentic Soul’s purpose.

You will be reintroduced to your true self and therefore have accesses to all of the abilities, wisdom, love and knowledge that is innate within you.


I will be your guide on your journey to transformation.

You are on the cusp of change but after doing everything you know to do, there seem to be no options left.  You have done your best with what you know, and now its time to have some new inspiration and guidance.

Welcome to my signature Soul Mentoring program.

Signature Mentoring program includes:

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Precious Stone
Weekly Check-in Calls

In addition to your mentoring sessions I will also call you once a month to check-in with you. 

This allows us to connect in between sessions so I can keep you on track with your development and coach you through any obstacles or challenges. 

This is an opportunity for me to answer questions or discuss anything that has come up for you.

This part of your journey is exciting and can bring about sudden changes and new experiences.


6 x 30-45mins

Monthly Soul to Self Mentoring Sessions

Held over six months, in person or via live video. 

I teach specific information and skills that will allow you to slowly open up to new awareness and abilities, while you get to connect with and have conversations with your Soul.


Month 1-6                                                           6 x 60-90mins

Two hour Intuitive Reading and Consultation

The purpose of the reading is to see where you're at energetically and find your traits and characteristics.

To discern how you are functioning and what factors are contributing to current events and situations in your life.

I will then formulate a plan with you that will address your issues and give you new strategies and processes to work with; as well as sharing some teachings that will enhance your knowledge and understanding of who you are and how you can achieve whatever you desire.




Field Walk
Soul Path Graduation

You've done it! Welcome to the new you. 

At the end of your journey, you will have a final one-hour session with me to evaluate how far you have come and answer any last questions.

You will receive your Certificate of Completion. 

Soul Emergency Calls

You have the peace of mind that in the unlikely event of you needing some help at any point, (separate to our monthly session and check-in calls).

You can call me anytime between 9am and 5pm.

Soul to Self   

Signature Mentoring Program

also includes:

  • A copy of my No.1 Best Selling book, The Soul of Myself

  • A Soul to Self Workbook- complete with worksheets and information

  • A Soul to Self Journal

  • A copy of The Teachings of Grandmother Spider Woman workbook

  • Free subscription to my monthly online meditations

  • Free subscription to my monthly online Q&A session

Total Value =       $3500.00

Special Price     $2955



  • How many healing sessions will I need?
    Your desire for change and how much you care for yourself, are big factors in supporting your body, mind, emotions and spirit to return to their natural state of health and vitality. One session may be enough or sometimes a series of sessions may be preferred. Progress will be determined by: - The level of suffering or dis-ease you are experiencing - Your degree of openness and motivation to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing - How you are able to recognise the underlying issue/s - Your ability to acknowledge what created the issue with your health and wellbeing - How you accept the wisdom of what your body is teaching you - Whether you allow yourself to forgive yourself or others who may have contributed - Your willingness to let go of the past experiences that contributed to your current situation
  • What does a healing service comprise of?
    Each session will always include time for discussion so I can assess the most beneficial practice for the client, followed by one or more healing techniques (depending on the issue to be addressed). I will share the healing support that was given and any additional wisdom I gained during the session and allow the client to ask any questions they may have. To conclude, recommendations may be made for post healing self-care and follow up exercises. Session times can vary from 60-90 minutes.
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