Releasing hurt from the past can help you understand yourself better. Deep healing flows into every aspect of your life including relationships, health, motivation and direction.


A Journey of Healing

Smiling Middle Aged Woman
  • When do I need a healing?


  • Healings are beneficial during times of:

  • - Pain, discomfort and illness

  • - Confusion or change

  • - Trauma recovery

  • - Depression

  • - General wellbeing maintenance

Nobody can heal you, only you can heal yourself.

This is because your body is a reflection of you and what you have been going through.  Your experiences are necessary for your Soul’s evolution because every experience, whether positive or negative, can teach you something about yourself. If a person were to heal the ailments or suffering for you, you would bypass the lesson and therefore sabotage what you were meant to learn.

When you participate in a healing session, you are allowing me as a healing facilitator, to support you to find wellness, clarity and calm by using one or more of these healing techniques:

Balancing and Clearing your Energy field/aura and energy portals/chakras

Connecting you to your innate abilities to self-heal

Removing energetic Implants, Blocks, or Attachments

Healing Hands to direct positive energy to areas of dis-ease

Guided Meditation for inner body healing and emotional release

Sound Healing methods including drumming, toning and tuning forks

Crystal Layouts on the body for healing and relaxation

Hands-on body touch and massage.

Reiki Treatment