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In this guided meditation, Donna helps you to ease pain, discomfort and distress in your physical body. 
This can eventuate during times of illness or if you are recovering from surgery, childbirth or any trauma to your body or disease.
This is not a cure or replacement for medical treatment, you must always use your own discretion and seek medical advice for persistent pain and illness.

Relieve & Remedy 528hz

  • File Licence - Soul Conversations Meditations

    This track is protected by copyright Soul Conversations 2020.


    1. The Buyer (“the Licensee”)

    2. Soul Conversations AU Donna Storey, 55 Gipps St Port Fairy 3284 (“the Licensor”). 

    By purchasing this track ‘Soul Conversations Guided Meditation - Relieve and Remedy’ the Licensor gives The Licensee permission to:

    Permitted uses

    • The Licensee is permitted to download the attached zip folder containing the Introduction and Relieve and Remedy guided meditation tracks. 
    • The Licensee is permitted to download files, which can be opened and listened to from any devices owned by the Licensee. 
    • The Licensee is not permitted to play the track for commercial purposes, or for a group of people whereby the Licensee is profiting commercially from the use of this track. 
    • The Licensee is not permitted to send or share the track to people who have not purchased a licence for this track. 
    • The Licensee is not permitted to reproduce or publish this track in any way, format or on any platform, digital or hard copy. 
    • All music and the guided meditation script are protected under copyright and cannot be reproduced in any way. 

    The Territory

    • The territory of this license is worldwide.

    The Term

    • The term of this license is for the duration of copyright. 

    The Nature

    1. The nature of this license is a Sole License. 

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