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Releasing hurt from the past can help you understand yourself better. Deep healing flows into every aspect of your life including relationships, health, motivation and direction.

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A Journey of Healing

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  • When do I need a healing?


  • Healings are beneficial during times of:

  • - Pain, discomfort and illness

  • - Confusion or change

  • - Trauma recovery

  • - Depression

  • - General wellbeing maintenance

Nobody can heal you, only you can heal yourself.

This is because your body is a reflection of you and what you have been going through.  Your experiences are necessary for your Soul’s evolution because every experience, whether positive or negative, can teach you something about yourself. If a person were to heal the ailments or suffering for you, you would bypass the lesson and therefore sabotage what you were meant to learn.

When you participate in a healing session, you are allowing me as a healing facilitator, to support you to find wellness, clarity and calm by using one or more of these healing techniques:

Balancing and Clearing your Energy field/aura and energy portals/chakras

Connecting you to your innate abilities to self-heal

Removing energetic Implants, Blocks, or Attachments

Healing Hands to direct positive energy to areas of dis-ease

Guided Meditation for inner body healing and emotional release

Sound Healing methods including drumming, toning and tuning forks

Crystal Layouts on the body for healing and relaxation

Hands-on body touch and massage.

Reiki Treatment
Body Tune Up

For supporting general wellbeing. Includes- Drumming, Aura cleanse and activation, energy portals/chakras balanced and aligned, pressure point stimulation, meridian flow enhancement and crystal layout.

1 hr ~ $135

Body Tune-Up

In Person


Release & Resolve


Release & Resolve

Focus is on healing emotional blocks, baggage and trauma that is being held within the physical body. Includes-  connecting to Divine Soul Guidance, Guided Meditation, Energy Balancing, Toning, Healing Hands.

First appointment                                      90mins ~ $195

Follow up                                                     60mins ~ $135

In Person

Divine Light Restoration

Specialises in the removal or any negative energies, implants, entities or attachments that are not of a benevolent or helpful intent.  Reinstates the individual with their Divine and Sovereign Beingness and I AM presence, which brings empowerment and freedom.

60-90mins ~ $150

Divine Light Restoration

In Person


Cosmic Connection Massage
Cosmic Connection Massage

Energy is channeled into your body from the Divine Sources of Earth Mother, the Angelic Realms and your own Healing Guides, to bring about the euphoric feelings of peace, relaxation and being loved.  It’s just a lovely treat to give yourself.

90mins ~ $150

In Person

Power Voice Activation

Specialises in helping individuals to find their voice so they can freely and confidently speak their truth or sing without fear, using Sound Healing and Emotional Release techniques to shift the energy blocking or restricting the throat.


90mins ~ $135

Power Voice Activation

In Person

Cosmic Web Connection
Cosmic Web Connection

This healing is performed remotely for those who can’t see me in person. At an agreed time you just sit and relax, while I connect to your energy through the Cosmic Web and facilitate the healing experience. During this session you receive a full body tune-up, and negative energies/entities/attachments may also be addressed. 


Approx. 75mins ~ $144



  • How many healing sessions will I need?
    Your desire for change and how much you care for yourself, are big factors in supporting your body, mind, emotions and spirit to return to their natural state of health and vitality. One session may be enough or sometimes a series of sessions may be preferred. Progress will be determined by: - The level of suffering or dis-ease you are experiencing - Your degree of openness and motivation to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing - How you are able to recognise the underlying issue/s - Your ability to acknowledge what created the issue with your health and wellbeing - How you accept the wisdom of what your body is teaching you - Whether you allow yourself to forgive yourself or others who may have contributed - Your willingness to let go of the past experiences that contributed to your current situation
  • What does a healing service comprise of?
    Each session will always include time for discussion so I can assess the most beneficial practice for the client, followed by one or more healing techniques (depending on the issue to be addressed). I will share the healing support that was given and any additional wisdom I gained during the session and allow the client to ask any questions they may have. To conclude, recommendations may be made for post healing self-care and follow up exercises. Session times can vary from 60-90 minutes.
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