Learn the keys to living an extraordinary life.

Awaken to your Divine Purpose.

Be supported through your ongoing journey.

Soul Path Coaching Program

  • What can you achieve from having a coach?


  • Coaching will fully empower you in:

  • - Resolving challenges and conflicts

  • - Getting clarity in your goals and intentions

  • - Understanding how you may be sabotaging or blocking progress

  • - Initiating positive actions to create desired changes

  • - Developing your knowledge and skill base

  • - Having supportive relationships that align with your vision

  • - Self-monitoring your progress


Working with Donna has allowed me to see myself in a whole new way. I've become empowered to develop  spiritual skills I never knew I could

I will be your guide on your journey to transformation.

We are all individuals at different stages of our evolution and development, so sometimes it can be difficult to find the right program that fits your situation.  My Coaching Program allows you to employ my guidance in a way that is specific to your situation. I use my expertise, knowledge and experience to guide you in achieving a specific personal or professional goal.  You will ultimately be able to connect to your own higher wisdom and intuitive guidance so you can become fully self-proficient and confident at being your own guide and advisor in whatever situation presents itself.


The coaching program includes:

Woman Writing
Soul Path Strategic Planning

The purpose is to:

  • Map out your current situation, 

  • Clarify your goals,

  • Identify blocks, and

  • Formulate strategies of how you can manifest the desired outcome. 

  • Plan

6 hrs ~ $795.00

Soul Path Check Ins

We will then initiate Monthly One Hour Meetings in person or via video to discuss your progress and reassess the strategies and their effectiveness.

60-90mins ~ $156.00

Field Walk
Soul Path Evaluation

When you feel you have achieved your desired outcome/s I will ensure you have a plan for maintaining what you have accomplished, and evaluate possibilities for future growth and expansion.

2hrs ~ $295.00

1 x Soul Path Strategic Planning Day

3 x Soul Path Check-In Sessions 

1 x Soul Path Evaluation

Total Value =       $1558.00

Special Price     $1200.00


Soul Path Coaching Package